Tuesday, September 30, 2008

A Meeting of Minds

I am asking a group of Masonic bloggers to write a essay on how to save Mainstream American Freemasonry from extinction.

Here is the scenario:

You are Grand Master of an American juisdiction which has just changed its by-laws to give the Grand Master a five year term. As the first GM to serve five years what proposals, policies and changes would you make to insure the survival of your jurisdiction and promote healthy growth? Perhaps you like things just the way they are. You don't want to do anything different. If so make a case for standing pat or for trying some new (or old) ideas. It's your call. You are now in the hot seat. Tell us with that power and influence what you would do.

This invitation is being sent to:

Greg Stewart - Masonic Traveler
Widows Son - The Burning Taper
Steve Brettell - Freemason From The Free State
Silence Dogood - The Middle Chamber
Tom Accuosti - The Tao of Masonry
Palmetto Bug - The Masonic Line
2 Bowl Cain - 2 Bowl Cain
Wafaring Man - Audi, Vide, Tace

I will post the first essay, myself, and you can all feed off that or answer the call of your own drummer. If there is some one else who would like to participate, please contact me on the back burner.


2 BOWL CAIN said...

I am honored!

Squire Bentley said...

Didn't know how to get in touch with you. I was hoping you would see your name posted to the list.

2 BOWL CAIN said...

How do I reach you back channel brother?

Dave Coffing said...

Brother thank you so much for your labors to help save our fraternity from itself!!