Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Buffalo Soldiers

Saturday September 20, 2008 I delivered my first presentation as the newly appointed Lecturer for the Dallas Chapter of the Phylaxis Society. The subject was "The Buffalo Soldiers" many of whom were Prince Hall Masons. You can read the entire paper at: http://www.phoenixmasonry.org/buffalo_soldiers.htm That is The Phoenix Masonry website where you will find much to improve your Masonic mind.


Wayfaring Man said...

Nice article. You might note that Pershing was himself a 50 year Mason, raised in 1888 in Lincoln Lodge No. 19, Lincoln, Nebraska. In 1941 he was made an honorary member of the Grand Lodge of Missouri by Bro. Truman (who was then a Senator).

His military accomplishments were lauded by every man of his age and he was the only person to be promoted to the rank of General of the Armies while living.

His Wikipedia entry says this:
"In 1919, in recognition of his distinguished service during World War I, the U.S. Congress authorized the President to promote Pershing to General of the Armies of the United States, the highest rank possible for any member of the United States armed forces and was created especially for him and one that only he held at the time (General George Washington was posthumously promoted to this rank by President Gerald Ford in 1976). Pershing was authorized to create his insignia for the new rank, and chose to wear four gold stars for the rest of his career, which separated him from the four (temporary) silver stars worn by Army Chiefs of Staff, and even the five star General of the Army insignia worn by Marshall, MacArthur, Bradley, Eisenhower, and H. 'Hap' Arnold in World War II (Pershing outranked them all)."

The Palmetto Bug said...

Time out! Time out!

Squire, everyone knows that Wayfaring Man and I have cornered the market when it comes to history on the blogosphere. Are you trying to muscle in on our lucrative trade? Wait a minute. Forget that "lucrative" part. I guess there is room for you after all. ;-)