Monday, December 8, 2008

On The Radio, RW Michael T. Anderson

Deputy Grand Master, Michael T. Anderson of the Most Worshipful Prince Hall Grand Lodge of Texas appeared on the Masonic radio show Masonic Central Sunday 12/07/08. It was an opportunity for Prince Hall Masonry to become more well known and hopefully better understood.

"Masonry is moving towards what its true meaning is - you don't judge a Mason by his outward appearance but by his inward character", said Brother Anderson.

He went on to explain how he got involved with Freemasonnry and the influence his mentor "Pap" Anderson had on his Masonic development. The great emphasis that he places on knowledge was something that Pap instilled in him. One of the fine examples he used was the application of the 24 inch guage to daily life.

Brother Anderson also spoke about what the Masonic Order really stands for, the importance of community, Prince Hall's close identity with Christianity, and the greatness of the sitting Grand Master Wilbert M. Curtis and the signing of the compact of recognition with Mainstream Masonry in Texas.

All this and more are available for you to listen to, preserved in podcast form, merely by logging onto

Masonic Central


Magus Masonica said...

I just got finished listening to the podcast. I have a question based on my own observation. After listening to Bro.Anderson it seems that Prince Hall is a Christian fraternity with Masonic symbolism and Greek Row elements. Is this correct?

Frederic L. Milliken said...

Yes & No. I have a long followup post coming just on this subject in 24 hours. Please check back here then.