Saturday, August 30, 2008

West Virginia Saga Continues

From "Masonic Crusade" comes this information.

Motion to dismiss denied!

Word is out today that Judge Berger denied every point of the defendants' motion to dismiss.This means the Court Case will go on.... Brethren we will have our day in court!

A Mason

The lawsuit will go forth.

I have to ask, has either side thought about sitting down and listening to each other and trying to work out a compromise?

Would it not be in the best interests of Mainstream Freemasonry for another Grand Lodge or national Masonic figure to step in and offer compulsory arbitration in preference to allowing this lawsuit to continue?

Sadly I just don't see that happening. Once again unless we find a way to police ourselves we will suffer the indignities of others doing it for us.

If this lawsuit continues I see the government initiating and imposing itself into Mainstream Freemasonry charging it with racial discrimination.

After that it will do the same with gender discrimination.


Wayfaring Man said...

NOTHING good will come of any venture fueled by foolish pride.

Magus Masonica said...

It has nothing do with an ability for mainstream GL's to "police themselves." It does have to do with the disregarding of Masonic behaviour. We all need to remember that we are human beings and treat each other as if our beings where and are important. What happened to Brother Haas was inhuman. Part of the greatness of our beautiful country is if you are treated inhumainly, you have legal recourse.


Squire Bentley said...



Magus Masonica said...

What would you have had Bro. Haas do? Whimper away with his tail between his legs?

Squire Bentley said...

Absolutely not. I'm a big Frank Haas booster.

I just think that the GL of WVA could have approached this situation with a little more meeting of the minds instead of - "off with his head"!!!