Tuesday, July 1, 2008


The Beehive reports on its byline, er beeline that 12 million honey bees escaped from an overturned truck in St. Leonard, New Brunswick. It seems the truck was manuvering on a highway ramp when the load shifted and the truck overtuned catapulting 330 crates of honey bees onto the highway which had to be closed.

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police responded as did firefighters. Seven beekeepers were called in to try to retrieve some of the bees. A light rain stopped the bees from going far for awhile but when the sun finally came out and the day got hot all involved had their hands full.

The Toronto Star reports:

When the truck landed on its side, many of the crates — each containing four hives — broke open.

“With the impact they just went crazy,” said beekeeper Edmond Bellefleur, who drove from his home in nearby Drummond to have a look.

“The ones that were able to get out, did get out. You could see some others sticking to the hives, but once they started to open the netting and unpacking the hives one by one and putting them on pallets, then they really started to fly, and they got nasty.”

The bees had been used to pollinate a blueberry crop and were on their way back home to Ontario. One female reporter was said to have been stung twelve times because she got too close to the action. I gues now she is BEE-UTIFUL!

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Anonymous said...

The Immediate Past DDGM of one of my Districts is a beekeeper and also owns a blueberry farm.

Even he wouldn't engage in such a pun.

Incidentally, as his Lodge does the NSW ritual of Australia, there is no beehive mentioned.

Justa Mason