Monday, June 23, 2008

My Master Master of the Year

Most Worshipful Wilbert M. Curtis Grand Master of Prince Hall Texas in Grand Lodge Session on Saturday 6/21/08 presented Worshipful Kazar LaGrone of Pride of Mt. Pisgah #135 the award as Worshipful Master of the Year. Worshipful Kazar has major accomplishments in leading his Lodge into new and rewarding areas of community service, in providing meaningful Masonic lessons and education to all Master Masons in his Lodge, of instructing well the Lodge's candidates and raising knowledgable Master Masons, in making major Lodge contributions to Prince Hall scholarships and for promoting Freemasonry in the greater Dallas area.

Congratulations Worshipful LaGrone! Hard work, great organizational skills and the ability to delegate have led you along the path to greatness. You are a model to not only all Master Masons but to the entire community of Dallas where you have emerged as one of its community leaders.

Worshipful LaGrone is again in the East this year and he continues to develop and broaden the great programs and events he initiated. I look for Pride of Mt. Pisgah #135 to go on to ever greater accomplishments under his continued leadership.

If anyone would like to leave a message, congratulations or a question for Worshipful LaGrone please do not hesitate to leave one in the comments section and I will pass it along to him.

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