Sunday, May 11, 2008

The Masonic Society - Channeling Masonic Thought

Internet Masonry grew like the Internet, free, unregulated and unfettered by the constrictions of government (Grand Lodge) red tape and taxation. Its earlier pioneers after years of trial and error and adapting to ever changing technology gradually perfected Internet Masonic Sites to be multi use information and discussion and educational sharing centers of Masonic development. The 80s and 90s was its serious development time and by the turn of the century we could truly say that the Information Age had transformed Masonry. Websites in the 21st century became creations of art, chock full of information, a virtual library at the click of a mouse. Whole books were available on line. Discussion forums were added. Newsletters and Craft magazines abounded. DVDs, videos, flash videos were offered. All this was created by individual Masons working on their own using their own funds, their time and their talent.

Grand Lodges did almost nothing to advance Masonry into the Information Age. They sat on their hands and watched individual Masons take the ball and run with it. To understand why we must go back in history and once again repeat what has been noted previously.

The aftermath of almost every war in American history showed a marked increase in Masonic membership. But not after the Vietnam War. The feel good, drop out, drugs - sex - rock ‘N roll generation killed membership in a whole plethora of organizations –social, charitable, religious and fraternal. A whole generation literally dropped out and was missing from the roles of Masonry. Those in positions of Masonic leadership had to stay on and do a double shift. By the last two decades of the 20th century our Lodges and Grand Lodges were solely in the hands of men in their 70s and 80s, just at the time when Internet Masonry was taking off. These men didn’t grow up with computers, didn’t like computers, didn’t own computers and didn’t want to have anything to do with them. And they saw no need for Masonry to have anything to do with them. In many instances they actually prohibited Lodges from recording Masonic documents on computers or the sending of Masonic documents via the Internet. A Grand Lodge Website? Never! And when they did finally succumb to a Grand Lodge Website, instead of hiring a professional, they insisted it had to be done in house by a volunteer, usually of lesser expertise. Nobody on the outside was going to be privy to what went on, on the inside.

Meanwhile there grew up a whole crop of Internet Masons. A Brother in Indiana could easily talk and share with a Brother in California or Ontario or Virginia or anywhere in the world. Communication, sharing of ideas, recommendations to articles and books, ideas tried that worked and didn’t work facilitated not only cross jurisdictional understanding but was by far the best Masonic education offered anywhere, much better than anything Grand Lodges were doing. There was no greater demonstration of the universality of Masonry than the activity between Brothers on the Internet.

Generation X and Y who were curious about Masonry and wanted information about it first went to the Internet to obtain that knowledge. This was unheard of just a few decades previously. Only after making a thorough on line investigation would a man consider making an application to take the three degrees in Masonry.

Now all this did not set well with Grand Lodges. Although they did nothing to advance the cause of Internet Masonry they wanted to reap all the spoils from it. And who better, as we turned the century marker, than the new breed of take charge autocratic Grand Masters who kicked off the 21st century. Grand Masters were not in control of what was being disseminated in the name of Masonry. So some Grand Masters closed down all private Masonic Internet sites in their jurisdiction. Others thought it more prudent to simply take them over and run them themselves. And under pressure from the Shrine, they would also take over the traditional local job of initiating candidates through the three degrees in Masonry. They had to they said. Lodges were not doing their job. Octogenarians were not connecting with twenty-five year olds, they said. No they were in charge and they would lead the way. They would show everybody how it could be done by holding One Day Classes.

Now these take charge Grand Masters allowed no dissent. If you didn’t hand over your private Internet Masonic website that you had spent years developing, then you were expelled. If you didn’t like One Day Classes and you spoke a little too loudly, well you were expelled. If you criticized a Grand Master, well it was just possible you might not be a Mason anymore. Grand Masters wanted all Masonic information and discussion to come out of Grand Lodge. They didn’t want to allow it to be in the hands of amateurs.

Now what Grand Lodges can’t control is Masonic websites owned and operated by unrecognized or expelled Masons over whom they have no control. They are still out there publishing away and cannot be touched. The answer of course is to create your own Grand Lodge website. Only this time, to make it bigger and better and more effective a cooperative effort among all American Grand Lodges would be needed. The idea here is to gather together the biggest names in orthodox Masonry and create a Society that boasts that we are bigger and we can do it better. And in the process Masonic thought can also be filtered through approved sources that will always support Grand Lodges in whatever they do. Thus was born THE MASONIC SOCIETY.

The present secretary of The Masonic Society gives us an insight into Grand Lodge thinking in a thought published long before this new society was envisioned. Nathan Brindle is talking about the censorship of Florida Mason Tim Bryce:

“The freedom of speech and press argument in the Bryce case hinges on an apparent application of Florida's Masonic law that prohibits "circularizing". In other words, Masons in Florida appear to be prohibited from sending out manifestos and editorials to other Masons on Masonic subjects that are not sanctioned by the Grand Lodge. This is not an uncommon rule; Indiana had until only a few years ago a similar prohibition against circularization. Lodge publications (newsletters, for instance) are typically exempt from circularization rules, although some Grand Lodges may exercise some editorial control over their content, and may even "license" such publications. In the Bryce case, it appears that WBro. Bryce's content was such that his Grand Master had to take official notice -- particularly when some of the recipients complained to his office that WBro. Bryce was sending it out. The Grand Master responded by informing WBro. Bryce that he could no longer publish his content in Florida without approval. When WBro. Bryce continued to publish outside of Florida, and complaints apparently continued to be received by the Grand Lodge of Florida, the Grand Master once again clamped down.”
Nathan Brindle

Here is where The Masonic Society restricts Masonic thought to only what Grand Lodges want to hear.

“Membership in the Society is open to regular Master Masons in good standing of regular, recognized grand lodges in good standing with the Conference of Grand Masters of Masons in North America (CGMMNA), or a grand lodge in amity with a member grand lodge of CGMMNA.”

Now The Masonic Society didn’t have to set themselves up this way. They could have admitted anybody and everybody. But they chose to be restrictive and exclusive. There would be no violation of any Masonic obligation for everyone to participate in The Society. No Masonic secrets are going to be put on display. This was essentially designed to be a “Masonic Think Tank”. Indeed The Society goes on to say:

“Non-Masons, libraries, lodges, and members of other obediences may also subscribe to the Journal at the $39 annual rate.”

So you see everybody is allowed to read what has been printed but only certain people are allowed to decide what is going to be said. You don’t have to ask yourself why for very long before you have the answer.

On one of the Independent Masonic Boards, on its Forum, this comment was posted by Paris Fred:
“It's a good idea but already outdated by events as the Masonic Conference in Scotland where the speakers and the participants are there due to the quality of their work which give the opportunities to hear other point of view on freemasonry and new light on his(its) past and future with speakers as Margaret Jacobs, Pierre Molier or Roger Dachez.
The Royal society method was, after all just the scientific method.”

And another post by One Mind was even more direct:
“My first impression of this is that it seems to be a separate organization which continues the separation(outside of a recognized lodge) of brethren based on recognition. The journal being made available to non-recognized brethren simply shows that the membership separation is not based on the preservation of Masonic secrets.
While it seems to be an excellent scholarly endeavor with high profile members it is not a recognized organization, but bases its membership on voluntary and unnecessary exclusion (perhaps with more digging, reasons for exclusion would become obvious). It is not a society born in a time when separation was a societal norm. It is not an organization which offers masculine based initiation. It CAN be an exclusive organization based on the principles of the craft yet at the same time it could offer perspectives in articles written by non-UGLE member Masons. The `Secrets`of the craft do not appear to be threatened by inclusion. There is no need to participate in the initiation passing or raising of clandestine`Masons.

It will be up to history to determine if the efforts of this society are worthy.”

There are many good writers and Masonic thinkers outside the “recognized” Grand Lodges. Many have left after being expelled, suppressed and/or insulted. Others have grown up in an unrecognized Masonic culture. Still others are non Masonic historians and people of letters who in doing research in their field have come across Masonry in one form or another. All could be wonderful contributors to a truly all inclusive network of Masonic literature, art and speakers. One such website which immediately comes to mind is Phoenixmasonry (
The owner of that site David Lettelier had this to say:

“I have worked over ten years of my own personal time to construct a Masonic Internet Site that proudly displays Freemasonry in all its aspects. It is free and open to anyone and everyone and that’s the way a discussion of Freemasonry and a learning experience should be. This “Johnny Come Lately” Masonic Society is a closed, restrictive Masonic experience which seeks to control Masonic thought and limit it to those operating within the UGLE standards of regularity. There is no compelling need to organize this way unless that exclusivity is the motivating agenda behind its formation. The Masonic Society is Wal*Mart coming into small town America, throwing independent businesses into bankruptcy”

Those who produce a product might enjoy being a monopoly, but competition is good for the consumer. It keeps each company honest and on its toes and offers choices to those who find one producer lacking. I wouldn’t want to see all cars in America only made by Ford. Not that I wouldn’t buy a Ford today, but if Ford was a monopoly there is probability that the quality of the product would suffer.

Masons should welcome competition. They should not be so willing to give Masonry a monopoly. There is no benefit in restriction and exclusion carried to its utmost degree. Yes many expressions of like things may have different company rules but that does not mean that they cannot come together for cooperation outside private meetings. Diversity is something that should be celebrated not denigrated. We all may not be able to sit together in Lodge but we can share knowledge and ideas, pray together and work for a better world together………………….unless we continue to set up Societies that won’t.


Greg Stewart said...

My brother, you have effectively articulated every thought that I have had rumbling through my head since I have first heard about the nascent Masonic Society.

When do we, in the efforts to build inclusion, build more walls to exclude those we see as "other".

The notion seems ludicrous and counter intuitive to the meaning of Freemasonry.

Beautiful put.

Prexy said...

Thanks for the fresh perspective Brother. I know Masons the world over are veritably slobbering over this new society, presumably bedazzled by the list of high profile "founding fellows". It's good to see that that there are at least a few of us out there that aren't so sure that this is the great thing that everyone seems to think it is.

Frederic L. Milliken said...

Thank you so much for the kind words. There are many who labor for virtue and ethics and togetherness under many different banners. We are all Brothers & Sisters and should welcome each other in the journey of life. While we may keep our individual meetings private there is no reason outside that privacy not to come together to make a larger voice in society and a larger entity of mutual love and support for each other.

Silence Dogood said...


Thank you for bringing up these issues. I hadn't done any research on the new society I had hearing about. After reading your article, I did and agree with what you are saying. Quite honestly, there are better research groups out there that we are all ignoring. These groups are established and successful. We didn't need the Grand Lodge's to finally make a Masonic Society that they were the center of.

Wayfaring Man said...

But on the other hand..... I can see no difference between the exclusivity of the new Masonic Society (to admit only "regular" Masons) and the exclusivity that already exists within the Craft as a whole. I certainly do not object to tyled meetings in Masonry, and more often than not (IMHO), the much vaunted principle of "inclusiveness" leads to dilution, and refraction, neither of which I find particularly valuable within the narrow confines of our institution. I am not a member of the MS, but as a particular reflection of those tenets upon "which all men agree" I certainly respect their right to throw a party and invite whomever they like.

Frederic L. Milliken said...

Well we have unrecognized Prince Hall Masons, Co-Masons, Female Masons, Lodges and Grand Lodges often designated as clandestine, Knights of Phythias and Knights of Columbus to name a few other practitioners of fraternal virtues and fellowship. I would love to hear what they all say.

Once again, I have no problem with the privatization of Masonry in each ot its aspects in regards to its meetings and initiations. To be a member of any of these disciplines you have rules of membership and regulations of whether common observances are permitted. No problem with all that. You can't sit in Lodge with those that do not suscribe to your rules and regulations.

But when we get into the outer world and associate with each other there is no longer any need to restrict Masonic discourse or association. You are no longer in a tyled meeting. You are not revealing that which you have been asked not to. You can find some common ground and do some wonderful things for each other and society as a whole together without continued enforcerd separation. There is no need to prohibit Masons on the outside of the Lodge room door from full participation in all aspects of life with all peoples and persuasions. To say otherwise is to carry the Craft into a cult status.

Jim Dillman said...

Bro. Fred, There are plenty of venues where Freemasons of every stripe have an opportunity to share ideas. Your objection to The Masonic Society promotes entitlement, not inclusiveness.

Frederic L. Milliken said...

So nice to hear from you Jim and see that you are still alive and kicking!

There is no pressing need for this Society. What I am not buying is that this is not a put up job to disenfranchise outsiders.

Lysander said...

So, don't join. I don't see anywhere a requirement compelling individuals to join it.

As far as I can see, it's entirely within the rights and freedoms of association - one can pick and choose who they will associate with, and who they will not associate. If this is how the founders want it, sobeit.

I don't see where The Masonic Society is actually sanctioned by CGMMNA. Unless you were privy to the formation of the society, I fail to see how simply adopting CGMMNA's standard of recognition placed the society under the direct control of the Grand Masters At Large.

Furthermore, I see no impediment to forming out societies. The Philalethes Society appears to operate within bounds, yet does not have the same joining requirements.

Basically, if you don't like it, form your own.

Really, though, it is a bit of a comedy. One side of the club doesn't like what the other side of the club is doing - but both sides forget that it is, in the end, a club.

The Burning Temper said...

Honestly, Fred. You'd complain if they hung you with a new rope.

This new Society seems to have brought the criers out in force for some reason. As I read their explanation, they aren't engaging in political fights and "ordering" grand lodges to recognize the unrecognized or legitimize the clandestine. They have simply said their membership requirements are pegged to CoGMNA. When CoGMNA members change their policies, the masonic society changes theirs automatically. Which sounds perfectly reasonable to me. And refreshing, in the recent age of "anything goes" in Masonic forums these days. The regularity/recognition system in North America has been in place for an awfully long time - a whole lot longer than the internet has, and it's a whole lot more reliable system than "so-and-so says his GL is regular" so let's have a group hug. Some kind of system needs to be in place to prevent opportunists, charlatans and liars from poking their banner in the ground and proclaiming a "new" grand lodge every other week, every time their guys get impatient with their own GL. And to be honest, I'm getting tired of Masonic forums that fling their doors wide open to irregular masons. A few are fine, and there can be a place for that kind of interaction. But it seems to be everywhere these days. That's not the Masonry I joined, and I thought membership in regular FM had some privileges that irregular Masons didn't have a right to. Sorry about that.

So I say more power to the Masonic society. I hope they succeed. The SRRS is for the Scottish Rite. QC is too Anglo-centric. And the Philalethes has degenerated into a clucking barnyard of old women, ceaselessly bitching at each other about spelling mistakes in emails, Prince Hall recognition, and being taken over by the endless whining of the French. The magazine is badly designed, poorly written, not proofread, dull and of almost no interest from one issue to the next. They have become irrelevant to the overwhelming majority of Masons I know. So its not a surprise that a new player has arrived. My own budget is limited, but I suspect I'll give them a chance to lose my business - or keep it. The Philalethes Society certainly lost mine years ago.

Just out of curiosity, Fred, when you joined the Prince Hall lodge in Texas, did the GL of Massachusetts recognize them at that time? Did you demit from your Massachusetts lodge first? Or did you just ignore the rules of recognition?

Not being nasty, just would like to know.

Jeff Naylor said...

There is no pressing need for this Society. What I am not buying is that this is not a put up job to disenfranchise outsiders.

Fred, you surely don't think that we all have so little to do that we decided to start a new tree fort for the sole purpose of excluding people.

Come on, Fred. You know better than that. Take another look at the list of Founding Fellows and see how many people you know are on it. In your rush to be offended, I'm not sure you ever stopped to consider how many of your friends you are offending.

Be well,

Jim Dillman said...

Regards to you as well, Fred.

A put up job? By whom? Fred, you're way too bright of a guy to be subscribing to conspiracy theories let alone to be authoring one of your own.

Frederic L. Milliken said...

Well to answer some of those that seem offended.

Would the formation of The Masonic Society have anything to do with the infighting at The Philalethes Society? Is this not an attempt to replace what many consider a poorly run Research Society which does too much criticism of Grand Masters and Grand Lodges? Now I wonder who would think that?

Secondly, I have inside information which I have sworn not to reveal nor its source. Sorry I can't be more explicit then that but I cannot reveal my source.

Lastly if you are going to forge new ground then why not make it as ecumenical and inclusive as possible? To answer the question - then you would not get the cooperation of Research Lodges run by Mainstream Grand Lodges.

Try solving some of Mainstream's injustices and problems instead of glossing over them. There are a lot of good men who are on the outside now, not always by their own choice, who continue to have significant contributions to make to American Fraternalism.

And some friends I never hear from unless they don't like what I have to say.

Wayfaring Man said...

I'm not a shill for the MS, but with respect I must disagree. As an outsider, it seems to me that this is simply a Masonic academic society dedicated to the exchange of ideas on Masonic topics. That being said, why on earth would one wish to invite co-Masons, Rotarians, Pythians, the Knights of Columbus, or the Cincinnati Reds outfield? If that were the case, then I'd suggest they change their name to: Society. Quicker. Simpler. Easier. Might save on printing costs...Big mailing list though, cost a fortune in postage.

But as they've decided to be selective in their membership, pegging their requirements to the CGMMNA is a reasonable yardstick to me, and you know, it's distinctly possible that something good could come out of this. I would urge you to give it a chance.

I am curious though, as an afterthought, why it is that you link other fraternal societies to this clearly Masonic venture?

Lysander said...

Squire, there's a saying I generally follow: "trust, but verify." When I deal with Masons, that morphs into "trust, verify, and wait for the check to clear."

That said, I find it hard to get from on assertion to another in your follow ups. For example, you reference infighting and poor running of the Philalethes Society. How does that, if taken as read, translate into GL control of a competitor organization? Wouldn't it be perfectly reasonable to assume that such a competitor would be formed to address such infighting and poor management, rather than look to an external cause for creation?

As for confidential inside sources, I have no gripe about using or referencing. That said, uptick for trust, downtick on verification. It may very well be as you say, but near impossible to independently confirm.

Ecumenical? All-inclusive? Why? I stand by what I said before: if that's what you want, start your own. This is the procedures they want. But, procedural objection aside, who's to say the "injustices and problems" of Masonry aren't going to be addresses, discussed, written about, whatever? Or, like a large grievance theater, are they only to be solved once those "outside" are put in charge?

I fail to see what the whole sturm und drang is all about.

Adolphe Isaac Cremieux said...

Masonic Society?

Founding Fathers names?
A whose who of masonry?


Are you guys serious?

American Freemasonry is a 501c10! PERIOD fella's.

you ZERO ties to the Freemasonry of Lore! Get over yourselves...

YOU are all nothing more than VOLUNTEERS who give each other goofy titles and hats!

Naylor, crawl back into your hole, hodapp is a profiteer selling to dummies, morris is a coward crying to france about the GOdF moving in on their territory, etc...

all a joke, quit trying to polish the turd of american freemasonry that is nothing more than a 501c10 non profit fraternal organization.

The Freemasonry of Lore would never file for tax status and create 501c3 to shelter their money, etc...

Masonic Society, sounds like a bunch of dousche bags with WAY TOO much free time.

get a job guys, raise a family or something. Actually DO something for a better society, instead of trying to make your social club something it is not!


How about" the complete idiots guide the tax scams using the name of an ancient society that UGLE and america has killed off!

Would geo washington attend a masonic lodge that DID NOT talk politics or religion?
you are a fraudelent order stealing the legend men died for in the past.

Write another dummies or idiots book and with a good check, you can be a 32nd and shriner in 1 day!

Step right up and join.

Jokers all of ya

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

Mr. Cremieux (or is your name Coste? You sure write as badly as he does and with the same spelling/grammar booboos. Oh yeah, then there's the same juvenile insults)

You say: "Would geo washington attend a masonic lodge that DID NOT talk politics or religion?"

Consider this:

The following is from the 1723
Constitutions by Anderson:

"2. Behaviour after the LODGE is over and the Brethren not gone.
You may enjoy yourself with innocent Mirth, treating one another according to Ability, but avoiding all Excess, or forcing any Brother to eat or drink beyond his Inclination, or hindering him from going when his Occasions call him, or doing or saying anything offensive, or that may forbid an easy and free Conversation, for that would blast our Harmony, and defeat our laudable Purposes. Therefore no private Piques or Quarrels must be brought within the Door of the Lodge, far less any Quarrels about Religion, or Nations, or State Policy, we being only, as Masons, of the Catholick Religion above mention'd, we are also of all Nations, Tongues, Kindreds, and Languages, and are resolv'd against all Politics, as what never yet conduct'd to the Welfare of the Lodge, nor ever will. This Charge has been always strictly enjoin'd and observ'd; but especially ever since the Reformation in BRITAIN, or the Dissent and Secession of these Nations from the Communion of ROME."

What this says is that conversations about politics and religion are not banned, the arguments that ensue when idiots flame up, are!

So, one of your peeves is based on a misconception held by many brethren that only believe what is parroted by others without personal examination.

And about the 501c10 nonsense, you have completely misread what that status is for. Moreover, you just won't shut up about it.

"get a job guys, raise a family or something. Actually DO something for a better society, instead of trying to make your social club something it is not!"

--Yes, I would like to say the same thing about you.

"Masonic Society, sounds like a bunch of dousche bags with WAY TOO much free time."

Huh. Sounds like you as well, Mr. Post-a-lot.

"Write another dummies or idiots book and with a good check"

From what can be seen, neither history or writing is your strongest ability, so it's safe to say we'll be spared your attempts at producing anything worthwhile in literature, or for raising human consciousness.

And I thought we didn't let women into the lodge...

Anonymous said...

You have "inside information" do you brother? So whom are you "shilling" for that you haven't revealed? And, if their information is so good why aren't they posting it rather than letting you do it for them?

Beware of "inside information" often it is just someone finding an avenue for a hatchet job who doesn't have the guts to do the work themselves.

As Brother Jeff has said, look at the list of founders. These men are not anyone's yes men.

Could it be that a group of brethren got together to seek to form a good Masonic research society in which Masonic research is both the main purpose and the actual activity of the society?

That sounds a lot more plausible to me than what you are suggesting.

San Diego Freemason said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
San Diego Freemason said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

WOW. I looked at the list of the founding fellows of the group and it is pretty impressive. It is good for me to see a group assembled that has done so much for the modern day Mason. I think you are wrong Fred, but do see things from a different perspective. I believe that the system has opportunities, but also know that it did not get this way overnight. We can't improve on the system overnight either. I think that if a group can pool their respective resources and become people of influence within the system, they might get better and longer lastin results that the guy with a two by four and a bullhorn

Unknown said...

Before we get all crazy with diatribes about exclusion, ad infinitum, check out what the Phylaxis Society says about their own rules. Fred, take note--this is PHA stuff. All the rest who are disappointed, now's the time to go after them as well if you're really that offended. Read it carefully and then reflect about all the words wasted on this issue. It's not a "fresh perspective" at all.

"Application for Subscription

This form is for use by non-Masons and organizations who wish to recieve our magazine and who are not eligible for full membership. If you are a Prince Hall Mason, if you belong to a grand lodge in amity with a Prince Hall grand lodge, or if you belong to a grand lodge in amity with the United Grand Lodge of England and you wish to apply for full membership, click here. Otherwise, select a subscriber category beow and click on the "Pay Now" button."

Not satisfied? Here's the actual link!

Wayfaring Man said...

I'm a little bummed that Cher Alphonse apparently isn't going to join the Masonic Society....

Tubal Cain said...

Hey Bob,
Brother Adolphe says you are looking for me?

I see that Bro Adolphe has also picked up on the fact that Freemasonry is nothing more than a 501c10.
How can that be refuted?

The idea that a 501c10 feels the need for a research society is humorous.
Also the idea of an elite list of volunteers seems funny to some of us.

Sounds like another group to join. More dues and more money making opportunities. That is what freemasonry is. Devising more ways to make $$$$$$.
Keep up the good work.
Why not drop out of AASR,Shrine and York bodies and concentrate on the Blue Lodges?
Simple formula...

So Bob, yes MY last name is Coste, and I am glad you know it, but do not attribute others postings to me.
I have never had a problem speaking for myself. Just search around, you will find me all over the net pontificating my garbage.

Bro Adolphe seems to have seen the Light.

Their are many 501c10 registered with the federal government, Freemasonry is just another, people who belong to 501c10's are volunteers.
powers of deduction.

Keep the Faith Bro Adolphe!

Unknown said...


Tubal Cain said...

Bob claims to snore!

Well there is alot of that going on in Mainstream Lodge rooms across the USA.

Time to wake up the snorer Bob and change your diaper!

So Mote It Be

Son of Light said...

A little off the subject, but worth the post.
At about 12:20 PM, Tuesday, May 13, at Kaiser Hospital in Riverside, Ca, Our Brother, Theron Dunn joined the Great Architect of the Universe in HIS Lodge.
Our Brother faught a good fight, but his body could no longer put up that fight. All will be pleased to know he had no pain or suffering in his last days. And I believe the last face he saw was that of his Loving Wife, Barbara. During his time in the hospital, she stood valiantly at his side.
It was his wish that his body be cremated and there will be a Memorial Service in the next month or so. I will give you as much notice as possible, as to the location, date and time of the event. It WILL be a Masonic Memorial Service held within a Lodge of Master Masons. The wishes and desires of our departed Brother, his family and Masonry in general are all being considered. I am assuming there will be quite a number of you attending and will do all in our power to provide for Brother Theron; a replica of the Masonic Funeral he witnessed when his Grandfather passed away a number of years ago. That funeral was the reason he sought out Masonry.
Our Brother, was loved and honored by many around the Globe. He worked hard in the Lodges of our District and he loved the Craft like many of us do, with our whole hearts. He may have had his controversial moments, but no one could ever accuse him of being "disconnected".
So we just stay to him
"Until then, my Brother, until then; FAREWELL

Druid, pm said...

At first glance, The Masonic Society does not look to be anthing really new or different. The faces appear to be the same as I see elsewhere in the Masonic information and chief roles. Still wants my money and I don't know who or how it will be used. I would like to see the business plan. Cheers.